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Wildlife Behaviour

The Fascinating World of Wildlife Behaviour

Wildlife behaviour is both fascinating and diverse, encompassing an array of activities from basic survival tactics to complex social interactions. By studying wildlife behaviour, we can gain a deeper understanding of the natural world and the intricate relationships that exist within it.

Species Spotlight: Oriental Pied Hornbill Behaviour

The oriental pied hornbill has distinctive behaviours and a captivating lifestyle.
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Monitor Lizard by Tim Plowden

Species Spotlight: Malayan Monitor Lizard Behaviour

Understanding the behaviour of this monitor lizard helps us appreciate this species more and also contributes to their conservation.
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Species Spotlight: Long-Tailed Macaque Behaviour

Species Spotlight: Long-Tailed Macaque Behaviour

Find out how the long-tailed macaque's behaviours contribute to the adaptability and complexity of this species.
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Smooth Coated Otter by Tim Plowden

Species Spotlight: Smooth-Coated Otter Behaviour

Explore smooth-coated otter behaviour in depth and get a glimpse into the world of this remarkable creature.
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Roe Deer by Tim Plowden

Species Spotlight: Roe Deer Behaviour

Delve into the unique traits, survival tactics, and social behaviour, which is as complex and fascinating as the deer themselves.
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