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International Year of the Salmon Outreach


The International Year of the Salmon is a collaboration between the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC) and North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO). The International Year of the Salmon is a five-year initiative which began in 2018 and will run until the end of 2022. The goal is to establish the conditions necessary to ensure the resilience of salmon and people in the Northern Hemisphere. As an international framework for collaborative outreach and research, partners include government agencies, non-governmental organisations, academics, conservation projects, and researchers. Part of the International Year of the Salmon mission is to involve indigenous communities, harvesters, general public as well as scientists and policymakers in collaborating.


Threats to wild salmon include climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, diseases from salmon farms, and overfishing.


Against the backdrop of increasing environmental variability, the objectives of the outreach are to create an understanding of the problems that wild salmon face and to raise awareness about what we can do to ensure salmon and their habitats are conserved and restored.


We contributed to the outreach activities of International Year of the Salmon by providing visual content. Tim Plowden’s footage of wild Pacific salmon in their natural environment helps people to have empathy with wild salmon and contributes to an understanding of why we need to conserve wild salmon.


Produce, direct, shoot on location. Digital workflow captures high quality video and audio.

Pink Salmon, Tongass National Forest, Alaska by Tim Plowden
Pink Salmon, Tongass National Forest, Alaska by Tim Plowden

Video Shoot

Tim Plowden shot most of the Pacific salmon footage during a spellbinding experience of a big salmon run on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. We captured the trials of the wild salmon as they returned to spawn in their thousands to the watershed of Tongass National Forest.


This whole project came together very quickly; we were able to deliver the footage to the two outreach video productions within 1 week of each request.

Production Specs

Cameras: 2
Shot in: HD
Shot on: Canon EOS
Lenses: Canon EF
Shoot Days: 5+
Location: Alaska, USA

Final Cut

Check out the final piece:

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