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Learn About Our Past Environmental Conservation Video Projects

Tim Plowden offers a variety of video production services to clients in the environmental sector. As a content producer, we create a wide variety of videos – campaign, educational, documentary, behaviour change, social, and more for international NGOs, local NGOs, and wildlife NGOs in the environmental sector. Check out these case studies to see how we’ve helped other organisations accomplish their communications and video production needs.

Each case study was crafted to give you a better insight into what was needed to produce each of these video projects. As you read a case study, you’ll discover details about the production of the video, including the services provided, the requirements, our solution, the timeline, production specs, and the final cut we delivered. Everything we were involved in throughout video production lifecycle will be highlighted here to give you an idea of typical timelines and services required to create each piece.

If you have any questions about a specific project or see a video that you like (and possibly want to emulate for your organisation), email us or give us a call!

Helmeted Hornbill Wildlife conservation video by Tim Plowde

BirdLife International Case Study

Case study for wildlife conservation film for BirdLife International campaign.
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Red-shanked Douc: Primates On The Edge

Douc Langur Foundation Case Study

Case study for Douc Langur Foundation wildlife conservation film.
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International Year of the Salmon

International Year of the Salmon Case Study

Case study for International Year of the Salmon outreach films.
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Mangroves: Reducing The Risk Of Disasters Through Nature-Based Solutions

IUCN & Mangrove Action Project Case Study

Case study for IUCN & Mangrove Action Project video assignment.
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The Circle of Life by Tim Plowden

The Circle of Life Case Study

Case study for the award-winning wildlife documentary "The Circle of Life"
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The Return of the Salmon by Tim Plowden

The Return of the Salmon Case Study

Case study for the co-production with Christel Veraart, "The Return of the Salmon".
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