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On The Trail Of Some Of The World’s Rarest Monkeys

New Scientist

The magazine article for New Scientist, “On The Trail Of Some Of The World’s Rarest Monkeys“, follows my journey in search of some of Vietnam’s critically endangered monkeys. According to the IUCN, Vietnam now has 11 critically endangered primate species and represents a global priority for conservation. The article covers the key issues of poaching and illegal wildlife trade with first hand accounts from conservationists I interviewed. The article also highlights the research of the NGOs to further the conservation of these precious primates.

During March 2016 I worked closely with Mićo Tatalović, Environment News Editor at New Scientist to write this story about primate conservation in Vietnam. The online article was published on 21 March and a print version was published in New Scientist magazine on 26 March.

Red-shanked Douc, Vietnam by Tim Plowden
Delacour’s Langur by Tim Plowden
Cat Ba Langur, Cat Ba, Vietnam by Tim Plowden

A close shave with armed poachers was a wake-up call. I had to keep my wits about me as I followed the trail of some of the world’s most endangered primates.

My local fixer had wandered off briefly to record the dawn chorus of birds in Vietnam’s Cuc Phuong national park. He returned trembling with fear after a confrontation with two armed hunters carrying bags of animals.

This is the reality of conservation work in Vietnam, where 70 per cent of primate species are facing extinction. Monkeys are prized for the pet trade, or hunted for sale as bush meat or for use in traditional medicines.

New Scientist: On the trail of some of the world's rarest monkeys - Tim Plowden

Article Details

Publication Title: New Scientist

Edition: Issue 3066, 26 March 2016

Format: Writing, Photography

Themes: Wildlife Conservation

Location: Vietnam

Keywords: Vietnam, Illegal Wildlife Trade, Primates, Poaching, NGO

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