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The Return Of The Salmon

This short nature documentary, “The Return Of The Salmon”, was filmed in Alaska during September 2014. In January 2015, Tim Plowden teamed up with Alaskan composer and musician, Christel Veraart. The co-production is a poetic pairing of music and imagery to tell the story of the salmon’s final journey to Alaska’s vast wilderness. The theme of “The Return Of The Salmon” is the final stage of the salmon’s lifelong odyssey in Alaska. The salmon’s single-mindedness and determination is the driving force for the story.

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Project Details

Category: Conservation Film

Project: Co-production with Alaskan composer.

Theme: Migration

Focus Species: Pacific Salmon

Production Location: Alaska

Additional Credits: Original score and recording by Christel Veraart. Narration by Kevin O’Connell. Sound Engineering by Peter Ratner.

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