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Singapore King

BBC Wildlife Magazine

The feature article, “Singapore King” for BBC Wildlife Magazine is about the return of the oriental pied hornbill to Singapore. Tim Plowden’s writing is illustrated by his wildlife photographs and the live cover on Apple News+ features video clips taken from Tim’s award-winning short film, “The Circle of Life“.

“Singapore King” highlights the efforts to support the recovery of the oriental pied hornbill in Singapore and explores how this intelligent bird has been able to thrive alongside people in an urban environment.

Article for BBC Wildlife on hornbills in Singapore
Article for BBC Wildlife on hornbills in Singapore
A female oriental pied hornbill
Article for BBC Wildlife on hornbills in Singapore
Article for BBC Wildlife on hornbills in Singapore

Among the tightly packed high-rise apartments, office blocks and shopping malls, there are nature reserves, parks and buildings adorned with flowering trees and shrubs.

Greenery is everywhere in Singapore, bringing with it an abundance of wild creatures that have adapted to this very human landscape. Many are taken for granted, yet some of these urban species demonstrate remarkably innovative and intelligent behaviour that scientists are only just beginning to understand. One such example is the oriental pied hornbill.

BBC Wildlife Magazine has been a top source for nature-related information and stunning photography for nearly 50 years. Drawing from the BBC’s natural history broadcasts, it offers readers a glimpse of our planet’s vast diversity. The magazine serves as a platform for nature enthusiasts to connect with top scientists, naturalists, and conservationists, fostering appreciation and protection of the natural world.

BBC Wildlife Magazine Cover Image and Main Feature Article by Tim Plowden

Article Details

Publication Title: BBC Wildlife Magazine

Edition: Issue 03 Vol 42, March 2024

Format: Writing, Photography, Video

Themes: Urban Wildlife, Human Wildlife Coexistence, Wildlife Behaviour, Species Recovery

Location: Singapore

Species: Oriental Pied Hornbill

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