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Primates On The Edge

The video project, “Primates On The Edge”, was produced to raise awareness about the conservation work of Douc Langur Foundation in Vietnam for the Critically Endangered species of monkey, the Red-shanked Douc Pygathrix nemaeus. The central message is that the Red-shanked Douc may be extinct in Vietnam in the next 10 years, because of poaching, hunting and habitat loss.

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Project Details

Category: Conservation Film

Project: Assignment for environmental organisation.

Customer: Douc Langur Foundation

Theme: Illegal Wildlife Trade

Focus Species: Red-shanked Douc

Production Location: Son Tra, Vietnam

Additional Credits: Motion Graphics by Olena TrushinaVideoNova, Ukraine. Narration by Ian Russell, The British Voice, USA. Music by Kai Engel.

Image Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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