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BirdLife International Gala Photography Exhibition

Wildlife photography exhibition at the first BirdLife International gala in Singapore celebrating Rainforest Biodiversity. The exhibition was sponsored by Leica and held at National Gallery Singapore to raise funds for the work of BirdLife International.

Location: Borneo, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Species: Oriental Pied Hornbill, Malayan Water Monitor, Helmeted Hornbill, Collared Scops Owl, Jade Green Cicada, Waglers Pit Viper, and more.

Oriental Pied Hornbill pair, Singapore
Water Monitor Lizard, Singapore
Helmeted Hornbill (captive), Penang Bird Park
Silhouette reflection of Redshank feeding in a mangrove at sunset, Singapore
White-crowned Hornbill (captive), Penang Bird Park
Collared Scops Owl, Langkawi, Malaysia.
Emergence behaviour of Jade Green Cicada in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia.
Wagler's pit viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri) at night in tropical rainforest, Malaysia by Tim Plowden
Lappet moth caterpillar adopts a defensive posture while displaying its red and yellow warning colours, Borneo.

More info about the BirdLife International Gala Photography Exhibition

BirdLife International invited Tim Plowden to contribute images of Rainforest Biodiversity to a photography exhibition curated by Leica for their fundraising gala at National Gallery Singapore. The theme for the exhibited images was the diverse wildlife inhabiting the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

I tried to include images that would evoke curiosity, whether that is showing fascinating behaviour or a candid portrait. Leica printed and organised the prints beautifully. It was a dream come true to contribute images for the exhibition at National Gallery Singapore.

Guest of honour, Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development, bought one of Tim Plowden’s prints of hornbills. Priced at SGD 750, Tim Plowden donated 100% of the proceeds from the photo sale to BirdLife International.

Wildlife Photography

Fundraising Exhibition

Customer: BirdLife International

Theme: Rainforest Biodiversity

Exhibition Venue: National Gallery Singapore

Exhibition Sponsor: Leica

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