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The Mail Online’s Travel Article About the Month Tim Plowden Spent Photographing Alaska’s Elusive Wildlife

Caribou, Alaska by Tim Plowden
by Tim Plowden, 17 November 2014

Today The Daily Mail’s Online edition published a travel article about the month Tim Plowden spent photographing Alaska’s elusive wildlife.

British photographer Tim Plowden captures the diversity and wonder of Alaska’s wilderness in his new series of photographs.

Reflection of Fall Colors, Alaska by Tim Plowden

From a peaceful lone moose to a river packed with pink salmon and the austere boreal forest to unpredictable glaciers, his month-long shoot offers the full spectrum of the Alaskan outback.

You can read the travel article, “Photos from The Last Frontier: British photographer spends a month capturing the beauty of Alaska’s wildlife and scenery” on the Mail Online website.

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