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Alamy Photographer Interview

Great Anglehead Lizard at night in tropical rainforest, Malaysia.
by Tim Plowden, 14 March 2018

Today Alamy published an interview about the conservation photography work of Tim Plowden.

With our fragile planet facing so many challenges, Tim describes how photography can help shape our attitudes and create a better world.

Proboscis Monkey, Borneo by Tim Plowden
Pale-thighed Langur, Thailand by Tim Plowden
Agile Gibbon, Singapore Zoo by Tim Plowden

Preparing for an assignment often involves much work, ‘There’s a lot of planning with the client and developing a collaborative spirit; taking time to understand their expectations and requirements. Then, there’s the budget, schedule, shot list, location plans, travel, and if I’m doing an interview, preparing the questions. There’s also research on the location, organisation and subject. Having a background in project management has helped. But you don’t want to get overburdened with detail and lose that creative impulse.’

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill, Botswana by Tim Plowden

Tim’s work means he sees many of the worst aspects of human nature – how greed can lead to illegal trapping, unlawful wildlife trading and deforestation. But he also sees the other side, ‘The conservationists working in these areas are inspiring. They have so much passion, energy and love for the animals they are trying to save.’

To read Alamy’s, “Photographer Interview”, please contact Tim Plowden.

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