Project Description

During March 2016 I worked closely with Mićo Tatalović, Environment News Editor at New Scientist to write a story about primate conservation in Vietnam.

The story, “On The Trail Of Some Of The World’s Rarest Monkeys“, follows my journey in search of some of Vietnam’s critically endangered monkeys. According to the IUCN, Vietnam now has 11 critically endangered primate species and represents a global priority for conservation. The article covers the key issues of poaching and illegal wildlife trade with first hand accounts from conservationists I interviewed. The article also highlights the research of the NGOs to further the conservation of these precious primates.

The article was published online on 21 March and a shorter version was published in New Scientist magazine on 26 March.

New Scientist: On the trail of some of the world's rarest monkeys - Tim Plowden

Project Details

A cover story for New Scientist magazine on Vietnam conservation also featuring my photography.

Client: New Scientist
Format: Photography, Writing
Subject: Wildlife, Conservation, Travel
Licensing: Alamy, Rex