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The Return Of The Salmon video

Project Description

This short nature documentary, The Return Of The Salmon, was filmed in Alaska during September 2014. In January 2015, I teamed up with Alaskan composer and musician, Christel Veraart. The result is a poetic pairing of music and imagery to tell the story of the salmon’s final journey to Alaska’s vast wilderness. My footage, time-lapse and stills are accompanied by a score especially composed and performed by Christel Veraart.

In March 2016, I asked seasoned voice over professional, Kevin O’Connell, to record the narration. When I chanced upon his voice in February 2016, I knew immediately I’d found the narrator that would bring life to my script for The Return of the Salmon.

The theme of The Return Of The Salmon is the final stage of the salmon’s lifelong odyssey in Alaska. The salmon’s single-mindedness and determination is the driving force for the story. This short nature documentary zooms in on salmon as they deal with challenges during their migration to their natal rivers in the vast Alaskan wilderness. What unfolds gives an insight to the key role of salmon in their environment and reflects the cyclical nature of life.

The video was featured in the November/December 2015 edition of Wildlife Photographic Magazine with my article, Alaska Through The Lens.

The Return Of The Salmon has won two film awards and been screened at film festivals in America, Europe and Asia. The new version featuring Kevin O’Connell’s narration has just been screened as an official selection at the 2016 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York.

Project Details

Award winning short natural history documentary filmed in Alaska.

Format: Video
Subject: Wildlife
Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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