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Project Description

The objective of my primate photography is to draw attention to the plight of primates in Asia. My contribution is to show the connections we have with primates by looking deeper into their world and to document the diversity of endangered primates at risk.

My search for primates has taken me to the forests of Borneo, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The project started in January 2013 with a trip to the Himalayas to photograph the endangered Yunnan snub-nosed monkey. The images are used by a Chinese ecotourism company.

I’ve spent time in the field with primate researchers and conservationists. I continue to learn a huge amount as a result of this project. Primates are by far the most interesting subjects I’ve studied so far. Their intelligence, expressiveness and complex social behaviour in many ways mirrors our own. As my knowledge and experience has grown, I’ve been documenting more behaviour and body language. Technical challenges abound in tropical rainforest photography and my skills have been honed to meet them.

My primate images have been published in newspapers and magazines around the world. I also contributed images to the book, A Naturalist’s Guide to the Primates of Southeast Asia by renowned wildlife conservationists Chris and Loretta Shepherd.

Project Details

Photography project to document Asian primates to promote ecotourism and conservation work.

Format: Photography
Subject: Wildlife, Conservation, Travel
Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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