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Project Description

When the sun goes down over the tropical rainforest a chorus of frogs, geckos and insects ushers in the night watch. The ancient forests of Asia possess an astounding diversity of nocturnal wildlife and offer the chance to get up very close with some extraordinary if diminutive creatures.

Entering a rainforest at night is pregnant with possibilities for a macro photographer. The air is cooler and denser with the scent of the forest. Shining a torch into the undergrowth returns eye-shine, careful scanning of tree trunks reveals cryptic camouflage of geckos and spiders, calls and sounds from the undergrowth give away locations.

I use a variety of perspectives depending on what I want to achieve with the shot. Where possible I will explore an abstract composition and try to create something unique and visually striking.

My images from the tropical rainforests at night have been published in calendars, magazines and books, including Explanatorium of Nature by Dorling Kindersley. It’s an honour to be featured in such a groundbreaking visual reference for children which is sure to inspire inquisitive young readers with its its amazing close-up images that depict and explain the wonders of the living world around us.

Project Details

Macro photography of nocturnal wildlife of the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia.

Format: Photography
Subject: Wildlife
Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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