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Project Description

The objective of this wildlife photography project is to document the biodiversity of the Southeast Asian mangrove ecosystem. The mangrove is an intertidal forest found along tropical and subtropical coasts. It is critical to a healthy marine ecology and it is rapidly disappearing.

Many threatened and endangered species are native to mangrove forests. Mangroves provide refuge and nursery grounds for juvenile fish and attract hundreds of species of nesting and migratory birds.

From a photographic perspective I explored animal behaviour and character in stripped-down tightly framed compositions. I became accustomed to the harsh tropical light and used the appropriate tools and techniques to work throughout the day. As well as photographing subjects on foot, I also use hides and boats.

Project Details

Photography project to document wildlife of tropical mangroves to promote conservation work.

Format: Photography
Subject: Wildlife, Conservation
Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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