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EPIC Project Video: Mangroves

Project Description

I filmed the footage for the short documentary, “Mangroves: Reducing The Risk Of Disasters Through Nature Based Solutions” during December 2015 in Southern Thailand for the Mangrove Action Project to help demonstrate their work with IUCN and local sub-district government organisations. Post-production was completed in May 2016 by Leo Thom of Cicada Display in the UK.

The video proposes how the Ecosystems Protecting Infrastructure and Communities (EPIC) project can be used as a model of Community-based Ecological Mangrove Restoration on a wider scale.

The film uses video footage, interviews, stills and motion graphics to tell the story of the impact of mangrove depletion over the past 50 years. The story explains why the mangrove forest is such a vital sea defence. The interviews with local residents explore how people have been affected by the loss of mangroves.  The footage illustrates the conservation work performed by the community to restore mangroves.

The desired outcome of the video is to gain administrative support to securing a sustainable future for coastal communities by adopting the model implemented by the Mangrove Action Project.

Project Details

Videography and photography for joint IUCN and Mangrove Action Project community-based habitat restoration work in Thailand.

Client: IUCN, Mangrove Action Project
Format: Video, Photography
Subject: Conservation

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