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Project Description

My Alaska nature photography is the result of spending one month in Alaska to explore its remote forests, glaciers and mountains. Every day was an adventure in the land of wolves, bears and caribou herds. I divided my time between three different parts of Alaska: the islands of the coastal rainforest in the Southeast; to the remote Southwest, home to the largest brown bears on the planet; and finally to the tundra, taiga and mountains of the Interior.

You can’t help but feel small and insignificant amidst such grandeur. Showing animals in their landscape was the most powerful way I could find to express my impression of wild Alaska.

The international publication of my images spawned a collaboration with Alaskan composer and musician, Christel Veraart, to produce an award-winning video, The Return Of The Salmon. This short film has been screened at film festivals in America, Europe and Asia.

Project Details

Nature photography inspired by the landscape and wildlife of Alaska.

Format: Photography
Subject: Wildlife, Travel
Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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