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Project Description

The survival instincts of Norfolk’s grey seal population were put to the test during the night of 5 December 2013. A combination of high tide, low pressure and gale forces winds led to a tidal surge of historic magnitude. Coastal villages were flooded and thousands of people had to evacuate their homes as the severe storm battered large parts of the UK.

The future of the Norfolk seal population seemed to hang in the balance when newspapers reported that a large percentage of them were lost on the Norfolk coast after the natural disaster.

I wanted to find out how the grey seal population on the Norfolk coast was recovering after the storm. It impressed me that these tenacious animals that thrive in the turbulent waters of the North Sea survived the tidal surge and were breeding again.

Image featured on cover of weekend edition of regional newspaper, Eastern Daily Press, to lead special feature on storm survivors.

Project Details

Wildlife photography project to document the impact of a historic storm on the grey seal population of Norfolk.

Format: Photography
Subject: Wildlife
Licensing: Alamy, Rex

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