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Tim Plowden’s work is instinctive, visually stunning and informative – a lovely balance of style and substance and appeals in so many ways. The images celebrate the natural world emphasising how precious it is, while impressing on the viewer that whatever is happening in the image must be conserved and protected. They are a magnificent and impressive addition to Alamy’s image collection.

The quality of your work is inspiring and we are very privileged to have permission to use some of your photo and video images for our public outreach and education purposes. What better way for us to attract people from around the world to better appreciate and understand the mangroves than via the beautiful work of a great photographer such as yourself.

First and foremost, I'm always happy with the quality of Tim's wildlife imagery and prose, both are exceptional. The icing on the cake is Tim's organization in delivering the product. His organizational skills are excellent and he consistently delivers a complete package of well-organized materials in a professional manner - this makes an Editor's life so easy.

​Tim is an exceptional wildlife photographer and documentary filmmaker as well as a​n accomplished writer. He is the consummate professional in the delivery of his product and services. He offers a great balance of creative skills and business know-how to get the job done. Tim would be a great asset on any team.

I learned that besides being a wonderful photographer/videographer, Tim has a background in project management. This was incredibly helpful and provided us with a framework that I’m certain prevented all kinds of obstacles later on… Articulate and always open to suggestions, even the ones that did tread upon his field of expertise, Tim was always the first to share a positive and encouraging thought… It has been an absolute joy to work with Tim and to discover how well our work complements each other. We share a similar sense of poetry in our works and when connecting Tim’s footage to my music for the first time, it was as if the two had always belonged together.

I think it’s a very beautiful video and so professionally done. I was extremely impressed and everyone involved with it should be commended.

A very powerful front cover and something completely different!

Lijiang Xintuo Ecotourism Company have worked with Tim for almost 10 years. He is very professional, we used his wonderful pictures of landscape and wildlife for our ecotourism marketing. It brings a lot of good luck and benefits for Xintuo’s business since we worked with him. He is very friendly, enthusiastic, open-minded, not only providing us his great pictures, also helping us to improve our website, giving us many great ideas for marketing and design different tours. For many things, he is very creative. We really hope he could keep going on his amazing career.

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