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Artist Statement

My goal is to engender positive attitudes towards the natural world. I endeavour to create thought-provoking images that reveal underlying wildlife conservation issues in an aesthetic way.

I believe I can most effectively contribute to wildlife conservation by creating images that will evoke an emotional response from the viewer. I try to achieve this by revealing a secret world deserving our attention.

In my travels in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America I’ve witnessed how deforestation, urbanisation, hunting and industrialised agriculture have placed a huge pressure on wild places and wildlife. I’ve also seen that where wildlife is protected, a rich diversity of species can thrive alongside us.

Behind my perception of the natural world is a belief that we all have a contribution to make and acting from the heart is the best way to engage public opinion.

My award-winning body of work features a wide range of tropical and temperate habitats including forests, wetlands, coasts, and mountains. It includes wildlife be they common or endangered, bold or shy, diurnal, crepuscular or nocturnal. My subject list contains mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and fish.

I employ a variety of styles to express my vision of nature. From eye-level wildlife portraits that reveal character and a glimpse of a secret world, to animals in their environment that tell a story in a wider context. I observe animal behaviour so that I can capture unique moments and unusual antics.

My clients include a wide variety of companies and personal customers from around the world. I work with conservation NGOs, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, art galleries, interior designers, gift shops, ecotourism and safari operators. I collaborate with other creatives from graphic designers and writers to musicians. My work is represented by Rex Features and Alamy.

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