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About Tim Plowden
Tim Plowden

“…known for stunning wildlife photography and for articles chronicling his experiences in the field. In his two short films, Plowden uses a powerful combination of film and still images to capture the poetic beauty of salmon and douc langur monkeys in the wild, adding haunting music and narratives that tell of the challenges these creatures face.”

Mongabay, Alaska’s salmon and Vietnam’s doucs: wildlife narratives by Producer Tim Plowden

Tim Plowden is a freelance photographer, videographer and writer. Tim currently documents wildlife and conservation stories in Southeast Asia for regional NGOs and international media. He has experience working in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Tim Plowden was born in 1973 in Berkshire, on the edge of the Chilterns, where he grew up close to nature. Tim now lives in Singapore and frequently travels to neighbouring countries to photograph in the region’s tropical rainforests.

Since the late 1970’s, Tim has been concerned with wildlife conservation and as a young adult worked as a nature reserve warden in Norfolk, England.

Tim chose photography to express his emotional connection with the natural world and to raise awareness of conservation issues.

After achieving successes with his print sales at photographic exhibitions and winning a photography award, Tim decided to devote his professional life to photography.

Now, Tim has won two film awards for his first short nature documentary, The Return Of The Salmon, filmed in Alaska. His work appears in books, magazines and newspapers. He is a regular contributor to Wildlife Photographic Magazine. His work is represented by Alamy and Rex Features in the UK.

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