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Client  Testimonials

Tim Plowden’s work is instinctive, visually stunning and informative – a lovely balance of style and substance and appeals in so many ways. The images celebrate the natural world emphasising how precious it is, while impressing on the viewer that whatever is happening in the image must be conserved and protected. They are a magnificent and impressive addition to Alamy’s image collection.

Alexandra Bortkiewicz, Director of PhotographyAlamy

The quality of your work is inspiring and we are very privileged to have permission to use some of your photo and video images for our public outreach and education purposes. What better way for us to attract people from around the world to better appreciate and understand the mangroves than via the beautiful work of a great photographer such as yourself.

Alfredo Quarto, Executive DirectorMangrove Action Project

Really great job on this feature. Article and imagery are excellent. I like the “extras” too… I think it has the makings for a great feature and layout. You’ve done an excellent job with your submission and it is greatly appreciated.

Bill Gozansky, EditorWildlife Photographic Magazine

A very powerful front cover and something completely different!

David Powles, EditorEastern Daily Press

I’m uniquely placed to deliver original content 

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I’ve lived in Southeast Asia for 10 years. My location in Singapore is ideal for covering regional stories. With an ever expanding network of contacts in the field I can provide original and exclusive content. So if you need somebody in Southeast Asia to cover a wildlife, conservation or travel topic I can be in most regional cities with a one hour flight.